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What Types of Social Media Sites Should You Use for Your Business?

March 20th, 2017 Social Media


Social Media is crucial for your business to succeed. Marketing online not only reaches your targeted audience, but it always expands your reach to new prospects. Differentiating yourself is always a top factor in business. Due to the vast social media sites that are out there, it is important to find the right platform that can catapult your business.

As a business owner, you focus your energy on these three platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook is a great resource for business owners. There are 1.18 billion daily active users on Facebook. Just think about the estimated reach you can have when marketing on Facebook. Creating a business account on Facebook is easy. Once your account is created, you can start boosting posts with your targeted audience in mind.
    • You can base each post on:
      • Gender
      • Age
      • Location
      • Interests
      • And Much More
  • Another popular feature on Facebook is their “Live” option. This option allows you to stream from anywhere. This is a great tool if you are planning a big event, or to show your audience what you are up to in your office.
  • YouTube
    • After Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine online. When someone wants to learn how to do something, the answer is most likely on YouTube. 
      • EX: I needed to install a new interior car handle, and there was a video of how to do it using my exact make and model. 
    • Video marketing can help to build trust and establish credibility. Remember, you are the expert in your business — that’s why you started it! Once they see that you are the expert, they are much more likely to purchase your product or service. We have people calling our office all the time and when we ask them, “How did you find out about us,” nine times out of ten they say, “YouTube!”
    • Instagram
      • There are 75 million daily users on Instagram. Instagram can be a great visual resource for your company. Do you provide great material to the public? Why not take a picture or a video and show it online? More and more companies are beginning to use Instagram for their business, and I expect that trend to continue.

    Social media is constantly changing, and what is best right now might not be the best six months from now. New ideas will continue to change the landscape of marketing. We need to continue to stay informed and keep up with the trends.


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