Hear what our clients have to say!

I don’t know where to begin… I am beyond grateful to have met Steve and his team. Within 2 minutes of talking to Steve, the energy and passion he has is so contagious… there is NO WAY you walk out without a ball of fire within your heart ready to conquer the world! With MANY distractions and obstacles going on in my life, I finally felt focused.. determined.. and believed I really can do this. And you know what?? I DID!! Within one week I sold a big package of my services that I literally thought no one who spend the money on because it was “too expensive”. Boy was I wrong. Being in business for 5 years, and that was the easiest sale yet!! Invest in your business… invest in yourself.. with the right team by your side, you CAN achieve your dreams!! I can’t thank you enough!!! – Elizabeth

“I am held accountable, pushed, coached, congratulated and most importantly for me, I have a road map and program to follow. The education I have received along with the personal and professional growth I have developed is priceless. I have been able to grow the business and have fun doing it!” – Sadie K.

After the very first video I knew we had made the right decision in choosing Hurricane Marketing Enterprises! I was marketing in all the wrong places! The training gave me renewed faith in myself and I now have the confidence to go out there and get the job done!” – Nicole R.

“No one can keep everyone hanging on his every last word like this guy. No one can bring more passion to the table than this guy! It oozes out from every pour in his body and is instantly contagious to everyone around him!

I have also had the opportunity to go through almost a year’s worth of coaching sessions with Steve. I loved the way he held us accountable for working the plan and how he always had a solution to struggles that might have happened the week before. When we experienced some major transition as a company, Steve gave us the tools to overcome the challenges and experience growth in a time that would be easy to have devastating set backs. Steve knows his stuff! He feels like family and he makes you feel like family as well. What more could you ask for in a coach and mentor?” – Jen G.

“The Hurricane Marketing team is AWESOME. The coaching is spot on. Nicole and Steve are always available when I have any questions or situations that I need to run by someone. I would highly recommend them if you need help getting your business on track.” – Roy K.

“To anyone reading these reviews, contemplating Hurricane Marketing’s services…do yourself a favor, if you are committed to the success of your business, and willing to follow the program and put in the hard work, you will have only one regret – that you didn’t do it sooner!” – Delia P.