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Small Business Success System: 

We provide you with the tools and then it is up to you to execute the strategies. This product allows you to learn the knowledge to succeed on your schedule. 

What is the Small Business Success System? Steve “The Hurricane” will teach you the essential skills and techniques for rapid business growth.

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You will learn…

  • Power Partners: Two heads are better than one and marketing together is so much fun! By calling upon synergetic service providers in your area, you will begin to grow your business exponentially. This presentation covers the effective techniques to form strategic partnerships, how to create self-duplication, leveraging relationships, Co-Marketing and Co-Sponsoring.

  • Art of Closing: Creating Sales Tools, Sales Presentation Closing at 90% regardless of Price, Strategies, Objection Cycle Tactics, How to Assume the Sale and present your price in a manner that creates added value! This lesson has everything you need to give an effective sales presentation and close more business.

  • Inquiry Management: Having a proper inquiry process is a vital part to every successful agency. Knowing how to answer the phone and how to handle every type of caller makes a world of difference in growing your business. In this presentation, Steve “The Hurricane” discusses who should handle the call, the five types of potential callers, how to properly prospect each caller, and the key information for a Client Intake Form.

  • Sales Funnel: A sales funnel is divided into several steps, your free to low to mid to high. Steve discusses each level in detail to help you convert non-paying customers into high paying clients.

  • Marketing Plan: Creating a marketing plan is one of the most important aspects of your business. It is also something that should be regularly updated as your business continues to grow and change. Steve will discuss each important part which includes situational analysis, objectives, marketing strategy, forecasting, and much more!

  • Time Management: Time management is the key to success; it allows you to take control of your business rather than outside forces controlling you. You will learn how to accomplish more, make better decisions, and work more efficiently. This will lead to a more successful business and less stressful life.

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Small Business Coaching by Hurricane Marketing Enterprises is dedicated to providing one of kind training in all areas of your business. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return it within 30 days.

BUY NOW $97!