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Why to Invest in Training For Your Staff

October 4th, 2017 Uncategorized

Why to Invest in Training For Your Staff

by Steve “The Hurricane”

You want to accomplish big things with your small business. In order to do that, you have to employ the best staff that you possibly can. In this episode of Small Biz TV, I talk about the importance of training your staff to reach your goals and how this can benefit your business.

If you’re like most small businesses, you spend more money on labor and manpower than you do on any other expense. This is the way that it should be. Your workforce is comprised of the people you see every day, and they represent your company. Maybe you have a secretary or executive assistant in your office. Maybe you have laborers or sales reps out in the field. Whomever you employ, you certainly spend significant resources on them, but they work to benefit your company every day.

Your staff is an asset

Keep in mind that even though your biggest chunk of money goes to your staff, your staff is your company’s biggest asset, so this is a good thing.

It drives me crazy, both as a business owner and a small-business coach, when I hear a business owner say something like: “My staff is my biggest liability.” If they have this attitude, they treat them that way. I can understand that on paper, for accounting purposes, this may be true, but that isn’t what people mean when they say it. If you feel this way, you have the wrong mindset, and your staff shouldn’t be working for you.

Everyone who works for you should be an asset. You would never hire someone with the hopes of firing him or her; you hire someone because you have a need for help and assistance, and the person you hire can fill that need. You choose the people whom you think will be assets to your company and do the job best.

Some people who work for you may be a good fit but not perfect for the job. They may be good at some of their tasks but not at everything that you need them to do. When this is the case, instead of riding them and forcing them to get better when they don’t know how, then treating them like liabilities, take steps to improve the situation. The simplest thing to do is find something that you can invest in – a conference, a convention, a company or other resource – that will provide some type of training or support for your staff.

Invest in your staff

I’ve said it before: You’re the best resource for your business, and the stronger and better that you become, the stronger and better your business will be.

The same is true about your staff, but many people overlook this detail. The staff of a small business is almost equally important to the small business owner. The stronger and better that your staff becomes, the stronger and better your business will be.

It’s a good idea to invest in training for yourself to improve your business. It’s an equally good idea to invest in training your staff.

I’ve trained hundreds of marketing reps, directors of operations and countless other people from small businesses around the country, so I’ve seen first-hand what training does to small business employees. After they attend my training sessions, employees are fired up and motivated. They tell me that they’re so grateful and thankful that the owner of their company thought enough to invest in them so they could get better at their jobs, and they can’t wait to get back to the office to execute their new skills.

How do you think that staff training affects the bottom line of your company, customer satisfaction and your overall business? I can’t put a dollar amount on the money that I’ve invested over the last few years to train myself and my staff. The return has been infinite.

I get so many compliments about my staff. People tell me that they wish their staff was like mine. If you want your staff to be like mine, invest in them. Make them feel important. Share your mission statement. Share your goals. Offer them training to help them be better at their jobs. They’ll be grateful and loyal to your company because of it.

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