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Is Grass Roots Marketing Still Effective?

October 6th, 2017 Uncategorized

Hi Everyone, “Steve The Hurricane” here and I’m sitting in my car and I have my daughter with me. She is sleeping as you can see. I am going to take her home in a bit. 

I am very excited for this week’s episode of Small Biz TV, because it’s all about grassroots marketing. How do you get business when you don’t have a budget?  So, what I’m doing right now, is I am actually out promoting an event. My business is in Manalapan Township, New Jersey. And we, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, are going to be hosting the next Manalapan Business Association meeting at our office on October 18th.

I’ve already given out over a hundred flyers to fellow business owners in my town spreading word about the event. Guess what? While I am spreading words about the event, what do you think the business owners are asking me?

They ask me, “What do you do?” And I tell them, “I own a marketing company”. And they say, “I need more help with that”. So, I am drumming up business from it by giving out an invitation to attend an event that we are going to be hosting. That’s grassroots marketing. It’s old fashioned. It’s old school, but there is truly no school like the old school.

So simple! I’ll show you this also. My wife is doing this fitness class. She has these cards. And they gave her a month for free if she gave out 20 of these cards. She only has a couple left, but this is a great example of grassroots marketing. Make a flyer, drive around, and give it out to people. It’s a great way to drum up business. It’s very cost effective when you as the owner of your organization comes out and people see you regularly. They’re talking to you and getting to know you. That builds a trust and people are more willing to spend money with those whom they trust.

There’s the tip of the week! I hope you’re out there having fun. And if you’re Manalapan, I can’t wait to see you at the Manalapan Business Association Mix and Mingle. It’s going to be fun. I’m going to train you on how to get business from networking events. God bless each one of you. Thanks for watching.

If you live in Manalapan and are interested in attending the Manalapan Business Association Meet & Greet, please R.S.V.P. at

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