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How Can A Mission Statement Catapult Your Small Business

May 23rd, 2017 Video

Whether you’re just starting a new business or working to grow your existing business, creating or having a mission statement is one crucial step that you shouldn’t overlook. In this episode of Small Biz TV, I discuss the reasons why having a mission statement is so important to your company.

What’s the single-most important thing that your small business needs? I’ll give you a hint: It isn’t office space, official-looking business cards or a friendly receptionist who answers your phone. The most important thing that your company needs is a mission statement. This is true whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established company.

Why is a mission statement so essential to your company’s success? It’s because a mission statement sums up the purpose of your business. When you’re just getting started and you take time to create a mission statement, it will help to keep you on the path to success. When you’re an established company, having a mission statement as a guiding principle helps you stay you on track.

Without a mission statement to guide you, you or your employees may forget exactly what your goals are. You or your employees might flounder around, uncertain about the direction that you should take. But if your mission statement is specific and clear, it’s simple to figure out how to spend your days building your business.

The work that we do every day compounds on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. If you have a mission statement in place, you and your employees can strive to fulfill that mission statement every single day, instead of getting sidetracked with projects that might seem important but which aren’t the main focus of your company. Having a mission statement helps everyone become laser-focused on achieving this mission. Everyone will work more efficiently, and you’ll see greater success.

Once you’ve created a mission statement, incorporate it into everything you do:

Remember your purpose
If you’ve just started your business, you may not have a sense of the hurdles that are going to come as you work to establish yourself. Looking toward your mission statement as you build your company can help you stay focused, ensuring greater success.

If your company has been around for several years, you’re already familiar with your company’s own unique challenges. Having a mission statement in place allows you to remind yourself on a daily basis about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Create your culture
Having a mission statement in place makes it easier for your staff and any new hires to understand what your company plans to achieve. When you share your mission statement with your employees, do it with positive energy, so that everyone is eager to help grow your company’s success and work in a positive workplace. Success breeds success. If everyone on your staff can buy into your mission statement, you can have a thriving organization.

Have everyone buy into your mission statement
At my company, my staff and I read our mission statement together as a team every single day. We do it to remind ourselves what we’re trying to accomplish. And every person on my staff treats my company like it’s their business, rather than just a job that they have. They know that they’re a part of the organization, and they take great pride in doing what we do, growing the company and fulfilling our mission statement.

I’ve been complimented by other business owners, who have remarked that my staff loves me and treats my business like it’s their business, and they wish that they could have a staff like mine. The thing is, they can. If they can get everyone to buy into the company’s mission statement, they’ll have workers who are just as focused on the company’s goals as they are.

Use your passion
Enthusiasm is infectious. When you have a mission statement that’s meaningful and you’re passionate about it, you can transfer that passion to your staff, which can help them buy into the mission statement, too. When everyone is on board, you’ll see your company’s success soar, and everyone who works with your company will have a positive experience.

With word of mouth and positive referrals, other customers will learn that your company provides the best products or services around, since staff is so focused on fulfilling your mission statement. You’ll see growth in your business, all because of the implementation of your mission statement.

If your company needs helping creating or implementing a mission statement, we can help. With a few easy steps, you’ll soon take charge and Blow Away The Competition!

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