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The Best Daily Practice For Your Small Business

April 26th, 2017 Entrepreneur

Hi Everyone, Steve “The Hurricane” here! Welcome to the Small-Biz TV Blog.

Today we’re going to talk about how 15 to 20 short, but impactful, minutes at the start of your day can positively change the course of a stressful business schedule, give you a time-management makeover, and boost efficiency among your awesome staff members.

As a small-biz owner, when you notice the gears of your company beginning to rust; chances are you’re not alone. Envision your dedicated employees as the gears that move your business forward toward success. When the gears aren’t well-oiled (feel ignored, overlooked, overworked, underworked, or undervalued), they feel the drag (and drag doesn’t incentivize anyone!).

As the leader of your company, it’s time to “Stand Up” and crank that handle of efficiency!

Today’s video blog offers information on how holding “Stand Up” meetings in YOUR small business can remedy that feeling of stagnant workflow!

But first we have to stomp out the notion and extinguish the mindset that “My employees are a liability.” Company owners have complained to me about how employees are a major liability. Hold your horses! Back up! If an employee is exhibiting unprofessional, disruptive, abusive behavior, then yes, that person is a liability and should not be working for you. Get rid of them fast. However, your existing employees are your teammates, not liabilities.  Yes, the salaries you pay your workers are much higher than the cost of, say, maintenance on a copy machine, but the people you pay are the heartbeat of your business! They help YOU drive revenue! They are the living, breathing investment whose performances and professionalism directly reflects on you AND your business. With their assistance, the goals you share and foster among your teammates have the potential to be met at hyper speed if you foster them correctly.

Phew! Glad we cleared that up, success seekers, but I understand how it might get difficult to identify where the problem lies.

When in doubt, I highly recommend the following game plan…



“My employees are a drain on my bottom line.” → “My employees are my strongest living, breathing asset.”

Don’t let your attitude be a drain on your bottom line. If you start feeling your employees are worth it, so will they.


Incorporate a “Stand Up” meeting within your company schedule.

-One Minute of Mindfulness

-Mission Statement

– Choose a Core Value

-What’s On Your Plate?

What is a “Stand Up?”

Stand Up meetings are short 15 to 20 minute team-building meetings that take place early on in the workday. They are the best way to check up on the greatest asset of your business, your employees.

Stand Ups are effective in small-biz environments because you can get up close and personal with the gears that drive you forward. This interaction can give you GREAT insight into how best to manage your staff and LEARN what they are doing and how they are spending their time.

I love to practice this method with my own team. Every morning at 10:30am, which is a good time for our staff because some of us are in different time zones, we come together for a chat.

Using my own personal experience, I want to describe to you how these meetings are conducted, and why they are so important.

First, Minute of Mindfulness. I don’t mean to bait and switch, but there will be a follow-up video diving deeper into this particular topic. For now, I’ll describe it as such: Happily acknowledge your partners in the Skype chat, Video conference, or Telephone chat. Say hi. Ask how your teammates are feeling. Susie, did you wind up going to Outback last night? Yes? Amazing.

Then we have a glass of Mission Statement refreshment. Select one new person each day to read the company’s mission statement aloud. This reminds us of why we are here and what we are trying to accomplish.

Then we choose 1 of our 10 core values to focus on per day. We talk about how that particular core value influenced us in the last 5 to 7 days and has fed into our progress. For example, our second core value at Hurricane is “Substance Over Flash.” We want the success of our clients to be the flash of our business. We are successful because our clients are successful. So we shared the example of how this core value helped a customer this past week. A customer had an issue, we helped solve the issue, and the client wound up saving $40,000 a year. The point is to celebrate that success verbally because it fuels that team fire and gives back power to the mission statement.

Lastly, and quickly, I ask each person what they have on their plate for the day ahead.  We have 7 people who work here, and we go one by one.

Why do I do this?

  1. Verbalizing is a form of affirmation- When we talk about our progress out loud, we are fueling future progress, fulfilling our common mission, and reminding ourselves and others that the work we do is valuable. We are assets.
  2. I am now made aware if my employees are either overworked or have extra time to take on more tasks! I can better assess time-management trends among my team and determine if I need to hire a new staff member.
  3. My own time management. The tasks I reserve for myself are important and they drive revenue tenfold-so if I have a crisis during the day, an urgent and pressing matter that takes me away from my usual tasks, I now know to whom I can delegate these tasks while I crisis manage!


This time efficiency allows you to dominate in your market and day to day activities. Keep in mind, you can personalize your Stand Up to fit your business and Hurricane can help. Your mindset means everything when it comes to treating your business with care. At Hurricane, we are here to help you break down ways you can best adopt the Stand Up method for your company.

We are here to help you tailor the perfect approach to help you build a business that will blow away the competition!

See you later,
“The Hurricane”

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